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THNIC Domain Name Parking Service information.

  1. "THNIC Domain Name Parking Service" [SERVICE] will be in operation upon the completion of the domain name registration or modification process.
  2. The option [Static Web Page] is the Web Hosting service of a Web Page on the THNIC server. The SERVICE's details are as follows:
    • THNIC will create an under-construction Web Page indicating the owner of the domain name.
    • It is free of charge for the first time to change/update your website by sending your files to The total size of those files in your website MUST NOT exceed 5 Mb and MUST NOT contain any CGI script.
  3. The option [Web Forwarding] redirects a specified URL to your desired URL. Note that web users would not be able to notice that URL is redirected.
  4. The option [E-mail Forwarding: No] - meaning that you do not want to use the e-mail forwarding service.
  5. The option [E-mail Forwarding: Yes] - forwards e-mails from any e-mail accounts under your domain to a destination e-mail account you've prefered.
  1. The SERVICE fee is 428 Baht per year (including VAT), for any option except that there will be certain exceptional circumstances which will be announced on THNIC Home Page.
  2. Maintainance fee of 214 Baht (including VAT) will be charged each time when requesting for changes in either one of the following forms
    • [Static Web Page] to [Web Forwarding] or [Web Forwarding] to [Static Web Page]
    • Update, add or delete your file(s) in your website for [Static Web Page] service except the first time.
    • Changes the destination URL for [Web Forwarding] service.
    • Request for [E-mail Forwarding] for those who have not used this service.
    • Change the destination e-mail for [E-mail Forwarding] service.
    Payment will have to be made before the changes. THNIC will advise the SERVICE fee by e-mail unless the requester asks for the bill which is to be sent each time by mail.
  3. After the opening of SERVICE. The applicant has to make payment settlement within 30 days by payment method from system.
  4. The paid SERVICE fee is not redeemable even though the SERVICE users do not want to use the SERVICE for the whole period.
  5. THNIC reserves the right to stop the SERVICE for any customers without prior notice if the customers fail to pay for their fees within the stipulated period.
Changes in SERVICE Detail
  1. You can request for changing SERVICE details
    - by sent request from request form at
    - by e-mail to []. (The e-mail has be sent from the e-mail of Administrative or Technical Contact only, and the requester is in consent with THNIC checking in the case that THNIC considers appropriate.)
  2. The requester is agreeable to pay fee for changes made as per details on [ Fee ] mentioned above.
  3. In case of inappropriate or false changes, THNIC reserves the right to change back to the previous data or cancel SERVICE on its own discretion and will not pay the refund.
Requests for SERVICE Cancellation
  1. Request for cancellation of SERVICE can be made by changing data of your domain name and option [THNIC Domain Name Parking Service] to "No" (item 7 of the form) and follow the normal procedure on the request of data modification.
  1. In using [E-mail Forwarding], the applicant is liable to inform his/her own end e-mail address or with permission to use it and is also liable not to use e-mail of other user without his/her consent or permission.
  2. In using [Web Forwarding], the applicant is liable to inform his own URL or with permission to use and is also liable not to use URL of other user without his/her consent or permission. In addition, end Web Site should not have data or content/picture which cause damages to any person or good moral of Thailand.
  3. If THNIC becomes aware of or learns from the claimant that the applicant does not follow the agreement as indicated above, THNIC reservesi the right to stop your paid SERVICE without prior notice and shall not be liable for any damages which may occur.